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Jonathan Robie jonathan at
Wed Oct 14 09:52:23 EDT 1998

At 07:45 AM 10/14/98 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>I've had several responses already to this query and I intend to dump the
>whole thing in Jonathan's lap when he returns from Shangri-La (can you hear
>me out there in Shangri-La, Jonathan?).

Tokyo, actually. But I'm back now, though a bit jet-lagged. I'm eating eggs
for breakfast again, instead of rice and miso soup.

When the other Jonathan, Jonathan Magid of SunSITE, was working to bring
the servers up again over the weekend, he may well have sent out multiple
copies of digests to make sure they didn't get lost, or some status bit
might have been awry while the server went up and down.

Is anybody *regulary* getting two copies of the digest? If so, please
contact me.

>In the meantime, it occurs to me
>one possible source of the double deliveries of Digests may be what I know
>to be a source of double deliveries of individual posts sent to B-Greek:
>since the headers on B-Greek messages distributed to list-members show
>B-Greek both as "sender" and as "cc," anyone whose mail program is set to
>"reply to all" who replies to these messages will be sending two copies of
>the message to B-Greek. Just possibly those who respond to replies that
>come from the Digest may be triggering a double-sending of the digest also.

When two copies are sent to B-Greek, the Lyris software is bright enough to
notice and reject the second copy of the post. Cool, eh? At least, this has
worked for me, however...

>Some kind list member called my attention to the fact that two copies of my
>own posts were going out to the list; after that I changed my settings to
>the above and seem to have gotten rid of that problem.

I'm surprised. That should have been blocked. Hmmm....


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