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>>I present this, not to start a debate over whether the KJV should be
>>discarded or any such thing like that. But be honest: how many of
>>you instructors teach you (s) and y'all (pl)? Hmmm? As America
>>becomes more and more Southern, I look forward to seeing future
>>Greek Grammar's...and what they use for 2nd person plural forms.
>>Y'all take care!
>Hey, y'all!
>When I translate in Greek I usually translate my 2nd person plurals as
>"y'all". Another Southernization that was used in my first year Greek was
>MELLW (I think this is the one--correct me if I'm wrong). We'd often
>translate it as "fixin' to" instead of "about to". Oh, the fun o' livin' in
>the deep South!
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