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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
2themoon [no description available]
acawiki-announce [no description available]
acawiki-general [no description available]
ACQNET-L [no description available]
Africancommons [no description available]
aifia-announce IA Institute announcements.
Aifia-education Discussion of IA education
Aifia-ja A mailing list for IAI Japan
Aifia-metrics Towards standard methods and metrics for evaluating IA
AIfIA-nl [no description available]
AIfIA-pt Arquitetura da Informação (em Português)
Aifia-tools Discussion list for the AIfIA Tools initiative
Anima Anima Dance
Apollo Virtual AGC discussion group.
approtech Appropriate Technology
Aps [no description available]
Austineconetwork [no description available]
Australian Australians and New Zealanders who served with the 173D Airborne
Aviation Casper, Cowboys and Falcons who served with the 173D
b-hebrew Biblical Hebrew Forum
BarCampRDU Mailing list for BarCampRDU
Barcamprdu-organizers [no description available]
Barcamprdu-sponsors [no description available]
Bay-Area-Interns [no description available]
Byte-of-Python Discussion regarding the book 'A Byte of Python'
Cavalry Cavalry units that were attached or served with the 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep)
Cc-latam [no description available]
cc-licenses Development of Creative Commons licenses
cc-lux Creative Commons Luxembourg
Cea-juvenile-alliance [no description available]
Cea-membership [no description available]
Cea-policy-procedures [no description available]
Cea-region2 [no description available]
Celestia-admin Motherlode Mailing List
chfm Chapel Hill Farmers Market
chhistory Chapel Hill Historical Society
Cho_cataloging Listserv for exchange of information related to Connecticut History Online cataloging.
Cho_technical Listserv for exchange of information relating to Connecticut History Online technical topics.
Chtechcomm Chapel Hill Technology Advisory Committee
Community_studios Discussion of all things related to Public Domain
compostteas Compost Teas: 24 hour, EM, IM, BD & fermented plant extracts
ConfluenceProject Degree Confluence Project discussion list
ContainerFruits For those growing rare edibles in containers
Coolfruit A list for people who research, grow and love rare fruit. Focus on rare temperate fruits: their identification, botany, preservation, and culture.
Corpus-Paul Corpus-Paul
Countryhomesteading [no description available]
curryblossom Vimala Cooks Everybody Eats
DCP-discuss A public mailing list for discussions about the Degree Confluence Project
DesertCity Desert City Poetry Series
Digesttest [no description available]
digital_library_code [no description available]
dr-fun-changes Doctor Fun website changes
DurtyDurham [no description available]
dyssembler chapel hill's electronic monthly
Epea-artdrama [EPEA-ArtDrama]
Epea-research [no description available]
Ewb_rena_project UNC EWB RENA Project
Fc-london-discuss A mailing list for the London Free Culture Group.
FingerLakesPermaculture [no description available]
Firstbat 1/503rd Infantry 173D Airborne Brigade
ForTheFans For Fans of EOTM
Fourthbat 4/503rd Infantry 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep)
friendsoftibet Friends of Tibet Foundation
gardenwriters Garden Writers -- GWL -- The Garden Writers Forum
Gesneriphiles For Gesneriad Enthusiasts
gh-committee [no description available]
Gh-committee-even [no description available]
gh-committee-odd [no description available]
gh-publicity [no description available]
GMark Kata Markon
grapebreeders Grape Breeders
GRHITS Global Reproductive Health IT Support list
heritagehills DEFUNCT - Heritage Hills neighbors list - Chapel Hill, NC
Homestead [no description available]
Ia-cm [no description available]
Ic-exec [no description available]
Internationalistbooks [no description available]
InterNetWorkers Internetworkers:
Isummitacademy [no description available]
Isummitbusiness [no description available]
Isummitfacilitation [no description available]
Isummitglobalcommons [no description available]
jamchen-meet jamchen-meet
Kata_markon [no description available]
LibraryWeb [no description available]
Lrrp Lrrp's and N/75th Rangers 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep)
Lyceum-admin [no description available]
Lyceum-announce [no description available]
Lyceum-beta-testers [no description available]
Lyceum-dev [no description available]
Lyceum-plugins [no description available]
Lyceum-trac-activity All activity on the Lyceum trac site (
Lyceum-users [no description available]
machinist Machinist
McLuhan Discussion of McLuhan-related topics
MEA Media Ecology Association Mailing List
Microid [no description available]
Microid-dev [no description available]
midfex Midwest Fruit Explorers (members only)
Monkeywire The #1 source for news about monkeys and apes
Morgancreek Morgan Creek - Kings Mill Neighborhood
MSAR-ASTM Discussion of ASTM standards for mounted SAR
Msar-ca [no description available]
MSAR-IL Mounted search and rescue in Illinois, USA.
MSAR-PA Mounted search and rescue in Pennsylvania, USA (announcements only)
MSAR-Riders Mounted search and rescue
NAFEX mailing list at ibiblio - Northamerican Allied Fruit Experimenters
Natural-perfumery [no description available]
Natural_perfumery Discussion for Natural Perfumery and Botanical Perfumery
NCMediaArts A lists devoted to media arts collaboration among organizations and individuals in North Carolina
ncmia NC Moving Image Archivists
nightlight NIGHTLIGHT
nightlight-volunteers Nightlight Volunteers
Nlrc-members [no description available]
Node-admins [no description available]
notify-dpml DPML Notify
Ocbasp [no description available]
Ofm [no description available]
Oha [no description available]
OHP Open access monographs
Opendata-paris [no description available]
OPWG Organic Pineapple Working Group
OrangeCulturalArts discussion of arts and culture in and around Orange County, North Carolina
orangegrapevine Orange Grapevine
organic-certification USDA Organic Certification
OSGaming Open Source Gaming News and Discussion
paqa-s Professional Art Quilt Alliance - South
pbs Pacific Bulb Society
pcdb Permaculture Database
pchealth Permaculturist Health
pcplantdb pcplantdb
permaculture permaculture
Person_County_Beekeepers_Association Mailing list for the Person County Beekeepers Association, Roxboro, NC
piw Permaculture Information Web
pleurothallid-l [no description available]
Poly-p-ux The *official* poly-p-ux mailing list
Rarefruit A list for people who research, grow and love rare fruit. Focus on tropical/subtropical fruits: their identification, botany, preservation, and culture.
RarefruitRecipes Post recipes for rare fruits and other rare edibles here!
Refracta-help [no description available]
REPS Information exchange for REPS (Rural Environment Protection Scheme) Planners (Republic of Ireland)
rr-announce Announcements related to Remix Reading
Rtp_bike_ped Bicycle and Pedestrian Listserv for RTP
SantaFe-Riders Santa Fe County Sheriff's Posse
Sc-oal Science Commons-Open Access Law Leaders List
Scs-panelists [no description available]
scythe Scythes & Scything
Secondbat 2/503 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep)
seedkeepers Seed Keepers
SERA-Es La Agricultura Socialmente y Ecologicamente Responsable en Español
SERAnet Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture Network
Sky-hq Headquarters 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep)
Skysupport Support Battalion 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep)
SlowFoodDC Slow Food of Washington, DC discussion list
SlowFoodPT Slow Food Piedmont Triad, North Carolina, USA
SM-Announce [no description available]
SM-Commit Source Mage code commit list
SM-Discuss Public SourceMage Discussion List
SM-Grimoire-Bugs SourceMage Grimoire Bug List
SM-Security Security bugs are reported here via bugzilla
SM-Sorcery-Bugs Bugs for Sorcery are reported here
SM-Spell-Submit Submit list for new spells
SM-Users Sourcemage Users List
SNA Email group for members of the Specialty Nursery Association.
Sns-research [no description available]
soilecology Soil Ecology
Solaris-packages-announce solaris-packages-announce
somewhat announcement list
Spam The SPAM List
Stayfree Free, promotional email list for Stay Free! print magazine
Striders Morris County Striders - Running Club List
tcrp-news Tompkins County Relocalization Project
TeachForUs [no description available]
Teamcrintely_eng [no description available]
thefieldberlin Mailing list for The Field Berlin
Thirdbat 3/503rd 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep)
Transition-bloomington [no description available]
TREQ-NM Trail building equestrians of New Mexico
triangle-free-yoga about free yoga events in the Research Triangle (NC) area
TriTechSol Triangle Area Tech Solidarity
TypicalGirls Typical Girls: Women in Punk/Post-Punk/Underground Music (Circa 1975-1980s)
UNC-RHCE [no description available]
unclug UNC Linux Users Group
Uncsss [no description available]
Uncsswg UNC Social Software Working Group
V2k Vinyl 2000
V2k-announce [no description available]
Wally-l grads of warren-wilson writing program
Warplan [no description available]
wcfs Western Cascade Fruit Society - Inactive
Wheatsville Wheatsville Co-op Austin, TX
Whiteoak-community [no description available]
wikiworld WikiWorld
wxyc-announce [no description available]
wxyc-playlists WXYC playlists
XOM-interest XOM API for Processing XML with Java

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