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Resource Pointer # 186

Novemeber 12, 1998

For copies of the following resources, please contact the
appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Southeast Asia: The human landscape of modernization and
development, 1997.* Jonathan Rigg. Examines development of
Southeast Asia, focusing on the economies of Vietnam, Laos,
Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma). Looks at the changing rural-
urban interactions and inclusion of the agricultural-rural
sector into the urban-industrial sector. Critically examines
notions of development and who benefits. 326 pp. For cost and
ordering information, contact Routledge, 29 West 35th St.,
New York, NY 10001; phone (212) 216-7800; email
cserve at

*The Sustainability of Rice Farming, 1997.* D.J. Greenland.
Gives historical overview of the importance of rice world
wide. Looks at the sustainability of rice production, taking
into account soil science, water management and social and
economic factors. Discusses concerns arising from current
rice production trends as well as steps towards increasing
rice production in the future. 273 pp. US$95. CAB
International, 198 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016-4341;
phone (212) 726-6490; fax (212) 686-7993; email cabi-
nao at

*Passing on a Sense of Place and Traditional Ecological
Knowledge Between Generations: A primer for Native American
museum educators and community-based cultural education
projects.* Gary Paul Nabhan (ed.) Looks at factors
contributing to the lack of Native American children's
involvement in their local environment. Examines the passing
on of knowledge regarding ecological surroundings among the
Tohono O'odham of the Sonoran desert and native American
communities in general. Identifies ways in which Native
American communities can evaluate the retention of
traditional ecological knowledge in order to assess the needs
for culturally sensitive, environmental education. Includes a
sample survey in both English and Spanish. 39 pp. For cost
and ordering information, contact Transboundary Sense of
Place Project, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 2021 North
Kinney Road, Tucson, AZ 87543; phone (520) 883-3074; fax
(520) 883-2500; email place at

*Ecology and Farming; The International Magazine of IFOAM*
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.
Trimesterly publication. Highlights international organic
agricultural issues. Includes news on organic farming from
countries around the world; biotechnology updates; regional
developments in organic agriculture; articles on conversion
to organic agriculture and certification; IFOAM events; and
books and resources. Two year subscription is US$48 outside
of Europe or US$30 in Europe. Please do not send checks. For
payment information, contact IFOAM, c/o Okozentrum Imsbach,
D-66636, Tholey Theley, Germany; phone (49-68) 53 5190; fax
(49-68) 53 30110; email IFOAM at

*World Views: A quarterly review of resources for education
and action.* World Views Institute. A resource for educators
to identify materials for their classrooms regarding
international peace and justice, development, gender, the
environment and global education issues. Offers reviews of
organizations; books; periodicals; films and videotapes;
audio tapes and compact disks; and CD-ROMs. Yearly
subscription within U.S. and Canada, US$50 for organizations;
$25 for individuals. Other countries, US$65 for
organizations; US$45 for individuals. To order, contact World
Views, 1515 Webster St., Oakland, CA 94612-3355; phone (510)
451-1742; fax (510) 835-9631; email worldviews at


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